Cégep de Jonquière

Cégep de Jonquière

Located in the heart of the region, the Cégep de Jonquière has the largest number of students in Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean, making it one of the most popular colleges outside a major urban center. It boasts:

  • 3,200 students
  • 500 employees including more than 330 teachers
  • 28 post-secondary training programs

The Cégep de Jonquière offers a dynamic framework with a personal touch. It is recognized for the quality of its technical training programs.   In order to recreate the reality of the labor market, the Cégep provides its clientele with modern facilities therefore enabling an easy transition into the world of employment.

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Telephone : 418 547-2191
Fax : -

2505 St-Hubert
Jonquière, Québec  G7X 7W2

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